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Security Systems


We supply and fit security systems by Metasystem. MetaSystem offers technologically advanced alarms in compact and modular forms to provide a choice which is best suited to the owner’s needs and the vehicle.


Meta M357 V2


*Anti Scan, anti grab rolling code operation
*Resin bonded construction
*Water and vibration resistant
*Failsafe twin circuit immobilisation
*Sleep mode (zero battery drain)
*Passive arming-auto re-arm
*Secure override facility
*Low battery warning
*Thatchem approved

Price: €350

Meta Def Com 3

*Anti scan, anti grab rolling code transmitters
*Self powered electronic siren
*Single circuit immobilisation
*Secure override facility
*Passive arming of alarm and Imobilisation
*Hot wire sensing
*Integrated movement sensor
*Low battery warning

Price: €250