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Project BMW R80RT Cafe Racer

R80 Cafe Racer_0502 R80 Cafe Racer_0492 R80 Cafe Racer_0494 R80 Cafe Racer_0500 R80 Cafe Racer_0487BMW R80RT Café Racer Build by Moto Pitstop


Designer : Daragh Smith

Engineer :  Andrezj Cendrowski


So we got a call from a local chap in Rathgar saying he had an old BMW he wanted to get going as he wanted to sell get rid of it, as it was rusting away outside his house, so we arranged to go and collect it, when I got there the bike was in a very sad state, tyres flat, discs all rusted, fork legs pitted and rusted to bits, battery dead as a dodo!

I told the chap to get this bike up and running and sellable he needed to spend quite a few quid, he was not interested in doing this, so I have always wanted to do some sort of radical change to bike, not necessarily a BMW but something and I thought this might fit the bill.

Over the next day or two we got the bike to the workshop and got it up and running, I wanted to hear the engine before the deal was done.

Deal done we set about stripping the bike, which was done in a matter of hours to revel a very tired bike, but all original and unhampered with, we then stripped out the electrics, engine, forks, wheels etc etc.

Frame, sub frame, top clamp and various bits were sent off for Powder coating (Tallaght Powder coating) and the wheels were sent to ARC/Tallaght Crash Repair Centre.

Long nights were spent on the ipad at home surfing the net looking for ideas and parts, bit by bit parts were ordered and ideas were coming quick and fast.

Powder coating done, engine stripped new seals and valves fitted, engine casings painted it started to come together, it sat as a rolling chassis  for a while as we waited for parts and time to arrive.

The Paintwork arrived back from ( Decart) in Newry and Deco never fails to impress, what a job, with the gold outline done by hand not stickered it really did look the part.

So we’re at the finish line at the moment, with electrics to be done, new clock, ignition, tank, rear light and exhausts all to be fitted!!

Watch this space!!!