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GL1800A Goldwing

€29,500 Incl VAT


  • €29,500 Incl VAT
  • New or Used: New
  • Trans: Manual
  • Fuel Type: Petrol

More dynamic exterior styling NEW

As befits the Gold Wing’s status as an aerodynamically refined touring powerhouse, the new model has revised exterior styling. Bold, integrated lines better link the front and rear of the machine, communicating its elegance and performance with sharp, dynamic forms. The re-shaped rear light further adds to the distinctive new look.

Improved wind protection NEW

Months of both wind tunnel tests and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) research has helped create a new front fairing with increased wind and weather protection.

Enhanced chassis stability and improved ride quality NEW

Changes to the shape of the rear bodywork include air vents that help to reduce the area of negative pressure that forms at the back of the bike, improving stability at speed. At the same time, adjustments to the suspension front and rear give a superb ride quality without sacrificing control.

Increased luggage capacity NEW

Larger panniers mean the Gold Wing’s total luggage capacity is now over 150 litres.

Surround sound audio system with iPod ® connectivity NEW

The adoption of a new 6-speaker 80W SRS surround-sound system offers superb sound presence and quality. Riders can now play MP3, WMA and AAC music files on the move by connecting an iPod ® , iPhone ® or USB stick. The result is easy access to any track you wish to hear.

Navigation system (installed only on models with airbag) NEW

The new, fully-integrated system with brighter screen includes a next-generation receiver for greater reception sensitivity for more reliable navigation.

Unique 1832cc flat-six engine

Smooth, strong power is guaranteed, while the HECS3 oxygen-sensing catalytic converter keeps harmful exhaust gas emissions to levels approximately half of the limits needed for EURO-3 compliance.



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